About the Author

Matt McCormick serves as Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development at ThreatQuotient, Inc. ThreatQuotient is a venture-funded software company focused on cyber threat intelligence operations and management.

Prior to joining ThreatQuotient, Matt was Vice President of Business Development for Sourcefire, Inc., for eleven years prior to its $2.7 billion acquisition by Cisco Systems, Inc. At Cisco, he was responsible for strategic alliances and running Cisco’s global security channel. Prior to Sourcefire, Matt ran strategic alliances at Axent Technologies, Inc., which was purchased by Symantec Corp.

Matt’s work in the cyber security industry has given him over 20 years of experience as a programmer, cyber security consultant, and sales engineer. He has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science from Loyola University and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Bucknell University.

Matt is married with five children and Lives in Rockville, MD.

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