Bringing a Book to Life: A Note from the Author

I was on a flight with my brother Eamon, having a couple of beers on our way back from New Orleans as our daughters zoned out with their headphones. He asked me what I was working on. I told him about a book I had been working on for more than seven years, but I had no idea how to bring it to market. He asked to have a read, and after ten minutes said it reminded him of The Phoenix Project, by Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim), but with a cyber security slant.

I did some research on Gene's book and found a reference to Todd Sattersten (@toddsattersten), who had helped bring the book to market. I then used LinkedIn to send Todd a message. He said he was intrigued, and asked if I could send him the book. He liked the story but that it could use some professional editing. Todd introduced me over email to Kate Sage, and I took his recommendation and agreed on a price with Kate.

Kate Sage was incredible to work with. Over a six-month period Kate went through and edited line-by-line, making the book more clear and easy to read. She would also recommend chapters to add to round out the story. I would do these chapters in a parking lot on Saturdays or Sundays before my kids’ sporting events. Finally she went through and fixed all my verb tense problems developed over writing the book, often for only one hour a week, for such long period.

After Kate completed the editing, I had a call with Gene Kim, who gave me some good advice on self-publishing the book, and I had another conversation with Todd who introduced me to Robyn-Crummer-Olson.  

Robyn, like Kate, was unbelievable to work with. When I say I knew nothing about how to get a book to market, I really mean I knew nothing. Robyn gave me a very fair offer to do everything to get the book in print on Amazon and in ebook format for all the popular platforms. She gave me a timeline and did another "sandpaper" copyedit and proofread with Sarah Currin. The cover and interior were designed by Kelley Dodd. Robyn did all the work to get the book on Amazon as a paperback, Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, and Apple iBooks. She then brought Kate back in to produce the audiobook, which was done by actor Ron Brown who did a  tremendous narrating "The Prototype".  I really enjoyed listening to Ron as he brought the book to life.  He came highly recommended, and lived up to the high expectations.   You can see other of his works at

I can't describe how much a pleasure it has been working with this great team of people. Everyone I worked with knew what they were doing, did what they said what they would do, and delivered a great product in the exact time frame that they had described.